The Plan

We hope to remove barriers for women and support them as they carry their babies to term and through their first two years. This vulnerable time for both mom and baby provides opportunity to invite them into safety, support and mentoring for healthy outcomes through a safe and loving home environment.

Our plan contains three elements and is modelled after the Central Alberta Pregnancy Care Centre in Red Deer, Alberta. Expanding our Program Centre provides additional space for a childcare room, two or more counselling rooms and additional classroom space for teaching and enhancing our clients’ skills. The Program Centre will allow us to serve additional clients in a more welcoming and comfortable setting.

The Maternity Home will serve up to six women in a communal setting. It provides a safe place for women, as they prepare for their child’s birth in a supportive home environment. On-site house parents are available, as clients bond with their baby and learn how to care for them in the early weeks and months.

Independent housing gives clients the opportunity to transition toward independence as they learn more about parenting, managing budgets and developing their support networks, while still benefiting from their connection with the Program Centre and Maternity Home community.