O u r   S e r v i c e s


The Services We Provide Are Free, Confidential, And Include:


Pregnancy Tests

We provide free and confidential Pregnancy Tests for all clients in a non-judgmental environment. 

Pregnancy Information

We provide factual and accurate information regarding your pregnancy as well as your options which include; parenting, adoption, and abortion procedures and risks. We want women to know they can make an informed decision surrounding their pregnancy. 

Adoption referrals

We provide valued information regarding adoption (both closed and open). We value walking alongside women & men during the process of adoption so they don't have to feel alone. 

Peer Counselling & Advocacy

We provide free counselling care with our trained client advocates. Our staff  are here to walk alongside women & men on this journey.

Nutrition & Pre-Natal instruction

We provide information regarding healthy nutrition, as well as provide pre-natal classes which can take form in a group setting or one-on-one. 


post-abortion grief counselling

Wrestling with a past abortion decision? We have great programs and trained post-abortion counsellors available to help you during this season of grief and loss. 
We do not refer to abortion clinics. 

Steps to Sexual Health

We provide a program for women who have sexual trauma in their life. When dealing with this type of trauma, we believe women should not deal with it alone. We have trained staff to assist women towards healthy sexual integrity. 

practical support

During an unplanned pregnancy, their are financial and physical concerns. Our Pregnancy Care Centre provides practical support including clothing, diapers, formula and more. We also can refer clients to outer agencies for further needs.